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Lincoln’s Inn business barrister Tahir Ashraf, a multi-award winning UK Business and Commercial Law Barrister of the Years 2015, 2016 and 2017. Also listed in the Muslim Power 100 List Parliamentary Review.

Tahir Ashraf is an independent English barrister. Unlike most barristers Tahir also cross qualified and worked as a solicitor. Because of his first-hand experience as a commercial solicitor Tahir appreciates the challenges faced by both professional and lay clients.

Tahir’s grandfather (of then Indian origin, followed by Pakistan post partition) served on supply ships to the British soldiers during World War II (WWII). After WWII Tahir’s grandfather returned to the UK and began to help build Britain’s cotton and weaving industry. In the 1960s, Tahir’s father came to the UK as a teenager, to join his father.

Tahir, the son of a Muslim immigrant factory foreman, was born in Lancashire. After his secondary education at a former grammar school, Tahir’s introduction to law came during journalism training based at the BBC in Lancashire in the 1990s. Tahir was thrust into voluntary  interpreting which became the eventual springboard for a legal career.

Spotted and encouraged by his law lecturer, Tahir undertook legal work experience and spent time observing independently and discussing court proceedings with High Court judges. He joined the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in 2005 but due to a serious head injury postponed his Bar Exams.

Mentored by a commercial Queen’s Counsel and two Chancery Commercial High Court Judges, Tahir became a qualified advocate on successful completion of his Bar Exams at BPP in 2008.

Tahir Ashraf was Called to the Bar of England & Wales as Barrister, by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of barrister Tahir’s commercial work he was awarded a scholarship from the prestigious University of Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit, to complete the Oxford Leadership programme.

Tahir has also been further recognised in the Acquisition International 2015 Legal Awards as Best Commercial Barrister – UK. He has also won the much coveted ACQ Global Awards 2016 as the UK – Commercial Barrister of the Year.


After completing the academic and professional stages of qualification, Tahir used his skills working at The Insolvency Service where he developed a passion for insolvency law. Following the Insolvency Service, Tahir worked in commercial, insolvency, employment and property matters at barristers chambers in the Lincoln’s Inn and Temple areas of London. Given the changes in the Legal profession Tahir decided to develop an additional skill set and also cross qualified as a solicitor advocate at a niche commercial litigation firm. There, Tahir focussed again on insolvency, employment and commercial matters with an emphasis on litigation and dispute resolution, until 2013, when he joined Chambers.

Tahir continues to work in the insolvency and commercial areas. As a passionate lawyer Tahir has an interest in climate change laws and transport related air pollution. From an early stage Tahir advises on international collaborations and joint venture projects on power generation, energy and fuel efficiency which have also had regulatory, compliance and investment banking elements.

Tahir also acts in EU and public international law matters, in which he was recently led in a landmark case in the Court of Appeal. Tahir’s current investment banking work includes the creation of a transport infrastructure Green Bond intended to be backed by the World Bank as well as other development banks.

Tahir enabled a diligent and ‘how to’ approach for effective risk management and regulatory compliance. As a result of which the client was better placed to establish multiple, expertise and competency based, national and international joint venture collaborations for the delivery of transport emission monitoring and reduction infrastructure projects. This has led to the establishment a world first transport emissions monitoring programme delivered in West Africa funded by a development bank. To read more or view Tahir’s recent cases and / or significant cases click here.

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Tahir Ashraf High Court Commercial Barrister advises business solicitors

Tahir Ashraf High Court Commercial Barrister advises business solicitors

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