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Commercial contracts work is at the very heart of Tahir’s commercial practice. Indeed business agreements are at the very core of everything and all business arrangements. Commercially focussed pragmatic advice, built on the foundations of sound commercial judgment. Tahir has experience of providing specific commercial advice to national and international companies and public sector organisations.

Commercial Contracts Advice barrister solicitor Tahir Ashraf

Drafting and advising on commercial contracts is a core aspect of Tahir Ashraf’s business advisory service to solicitors and companies and individuals.

Tahir advises clients on a broad range of business agreements:

  • Confidentiality
  • Consultancy
  • Compromise
  • Director’s Service
  • Construction contracts
  • Distribution and supply
  • Financing and Infrastructure
  • Franchising / Licensing
  • IT / IP
  • Joint ventures (including cross border and international)
  • Loan agreements
  • Partnerships
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Procurement
  • Sale of Goods
  • Shareholders
  • Telecoms

International Commercial Contracts

Tahir is familiar with transactions that are of an international calibre and are often of a politically sensitive nature. Often these sorts of commercial contracts a careful consideration of all issues including recent legislative changes. Particularly in these types of matters Tahir advises that the required documentation should be bespoke and suitable to the particular circumstances of the organisations and indeed the transaction. Tahir is experienced in working with and is an proponent of working with multi-specialist teams to advise clients across many practice areas.

Strategic Commercial Contracts

Tahir’s approach is to fully understand a clients’ business needs and then offer tailored solutions. Tahir can quickly assess the risks and commercial issues involved which enables the provision of pragmatic, strategic commercial legal advice.

Businesses inevitably need advice on the robustness of existing and proposed contractual arrangements, which why is often Tahir is also instructed to provide a second opinion. Tahir often works with in-house counsel teams as well as solicitors to assist on various commercial transactions. For commercial contracts advice and drafting Tahir can be contacted here.


Ken Ng Model Review Group, Morgan Stanley (Business Partner) | London, UK

Tahir is an excellent communicator and provides a first class service. He gives you more than you expect, is very trustworthy and extremely helpful. His easy going character makes him a star around people and above all you can feel that he is very dedicated to his work.


A Khan, Barrister | London, UK

Tahir is a great strategist like Hannibal (one of the greatest military commanders in history).


B. Pindoria, Managing Partner Solicitor | London, UK

Tahir is an excellent lawyer who understands what a client wants from him. He provides high quality professional legal services to us with a fast and efficient turn around. He has also added value by going beyond his instructions to give us satisfied clients. A person to look out for as he progresses in his legal career in the next few years which I expect to be distinctive and leader in his field.


S. Kinch – Managing Partner, Solicitor Commercial Insolvency Litigation West Sussex, UK

Tahir has worked very hard on a complex insolvency claim and drafted some great documentation.


Cyril Worthing, West Sussex, UK

Tahir was absolutely outstanding throughout my case and very professional and cared so much about my case by treating it as his own. Terry [and his team] kept me updated with progresses and set-backs, and paid attention to every detail. This made me feel very confident during the process that I was going to get a positive result in the end.


K. Iyer, Director / General Manager, Victoria, London, UK

Having sought advice in respect of two matters a private limited company and commercial property dispute, I was pleasantly surprised by the extent of urgency and personal touch provided, which made me feel that my problem was made his own.

Finding the right quality business legal advice service is no longer challenging and  expensive. Business barrister Tahir Ashraf can help you and your business with the right quality advice at a competitive rate.

Sustainable transport and alternative fuels such as hydrogen are 21st century global challenges. Commercial barrister Tahir Ashraf advises on the banking, green bonds, Islamic finance and other aspects of these projects.

Advising on contracts, drafting, negotiation and scrutiny of contracts is at the heart of commercial barrister Tahir’s commercial contracts practice. He advises individuals, UK, international companies, as well as public sector organisations.

Traditionally in England and Wales matters relating to land law problems would be dealt with by the chancery courts. These days the courts require that parties to a dispute attempt settlement of land disputes. As a land disputes and business barrister Tahir Ashraf deals with the various forms of land disputes.

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