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Unfortunately, contract disputes often occur among individuals as well as businesses. Often these problems also arise between businesses in several scenarios.

Disputes, Disputing the ball

Alternative Disputes Resolution & Litigation, Disputing the ball—Tambako the Jaguar (Flickr.com)

First of all, to avoid problems, parties to an agreement should, in an ideal world, have a professional prepare well drafted contract. As a result, a well drafted contract therefore, in an ideal world, should help the parties to know and understand exactly what to expect from each other.

Once a contract has been signed and exchanged, parties can then get on with fulfilling the purpose of the contract. Of course, unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world.

Often the terms of a contract can be complex and a lack of understanding can lead to problems. Many contract issues involve large sums of money, which is why it is important to seek proper legal advice before entering into an agreement.

Advice – When You Need It

As soon as you discover the possibility of a dispute, it is extremely important to seek professional commercial contract legal advice, especially if you are interested in resolving your contracts issues with minimal fuss. If for whatever reason you have not had the benefit of sound commercial legal advice before entering into a contract, you should avoid disputes by obtaining legal advice well before a problem has even arisen.

Disputes between Directors and Shareholders

Disputes in the boardroom between directors can seriously impact negatively on the wellbeing of a company. These are often due to personality clashes, or different ways of working. Sadly the interests of the company and shareholders are put to risk and disputes between shareholders can also have a ruinous impact on the business.

The traditional method of resolving a dispute is litigation through the court system. That said, alternative procedures to the resolution of disputes, provide an alternative to court litigation. If you feel that you may be in breach of your contract or that your contract may have been breached, you will benefit from professional advice at the earliest opportunity. Also if you are interested in damage limitation due to an on-going business relationship then it is crucial to seek quality legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Alternative Disputes Resolution

As a contracts and alternative dispute resolution barrister Tahir Ashraf can help you with your contract problems, even before litigation has been started. Tahir can help you to determine what the best course of action might be for your particular circumstances.

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