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Insolvency Barristers London

Commercial barrister Tahir Ashraf advises office holders Solicitors and private clients on insolvency law matters related business and property.

Insolvency Barristers London Advising Solicitors, Office-holders and Busineses

Insolvency barristers London – Tahir Ashraf is one of a number of Insolvency barristers in London. As a pre-dominantly London based commercial barrister Tahir advises office holders and often private clients on business and property related insolvency law matters.

Insolvency Barristers London, Tahir Ashraf advises and assists in Private Examinations - Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvency Barristers London, Tahir Ashraf advises and assists in Private Examinations – Insolvency Practitioners Interviews—David Davies (Flickr.com)

Insolvency Barristers London – Litigation

Many insolvency barristers in London and solicitors firms have a tendency to be unduly aggressive. Many solicitors all too often and far too quickly choose an aggressive approach over one that is designed to achieve a settlement at minimal cost to the insolvency in question. Considered by clients to be one of the best insolvency barristers in London probably because Tahir often advises that it is generally better to avoid insolvency litigation. Not least because litigation can be lengthy. Cases particularly those concerning land, can drag on in the courts for years before judgment and conclusion. Even then it can take longer for enforcement of the judgment which leads to additional costs.

Often to it is far better to try to maximise recovery through some form of realistic and meaningful negotiations.

This is especially important where there are leases giving rights to landlords to forfeit. Generally where a company goes into administration often landlords are not able to forfeit a lease, except for in certain circumstances. Where a landlord does choose to exercise a right of forfeiture in the event of an administration the court will take all circumstances into consideration.

Insolvency Barristers London – Advice to Office Holders

Managing relationships as well as an office-holder’s duties to the court and to creditors can often be a fine balancing act. In any event, as an insolvency practitioner, office-holders need to be very much alive to the possibility of personal liability.

Insolvency Barristers London – Pre-litigation Negotiations

Tahir Ashraf also trained at the Insolvency Service and works alongside other insolvency barristers London and either through insolvency barristers chambers or with individuals. Tahir advises on all aspects of insolvency and arising litigation. He can assist with pre-litigation negotiations as well commercial disputes. 

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