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Power 100 Lists Tahir Ashraf

In 2018 Tahir Ashraf is named in The Muslim 100 Power List Parliamentary Review. The Power 100 publication will be launched at a gala dinner and charity event in May 2018.

The Power 100 event will take place at the prestigious Park Lane HIlton, in London, UK. I was abroad in January 2018 and returned to discover a letter. NOt just any letter. It was the letter. The letter which contained the mosyt exciting news that I had received. The letter confirmed that I had been nominated for inclusion in the Power 100 List. I thank my clients both lay and professional who no doubt were instrumental in my nomination.


Tahir Ashraf Named in Muslim 100 Power List

Muslim Power 100 List Parliamentary Review

Commercial and International Law Barrister Tahir Ashraf Named in Muslim 100 Power List 2018 Parliamentary Review Launching at a gala dinner event on the 7th May 2018, HIlton Park Lane, London, United Kingdom. It promises to be an excellent event highlighting the achivements of Muslims both in the UK and internationally. There were a total of 31,000 nominations from across 47 nationalities and so my being listed as one is a phenomenal recognition and I am proud to be a British born Business Barrister from a Pakistani background to have been listed.

I am absolutely delighted to be listed and very much look forward to laying my hands on a copy of the publication.

The Power 100 website compiled the Muslim Power list to recognise Muslims who have made “significant contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of Britain.” The website said it was “applauding the vital achievement and contribution being made by the British Muslim community to the social, cultural and economic well-being of Britain.” The Muslim minority contributes over £31 billion to the British economy each year.

Update: I also discovered that I was a Finalist (1 of four) to be shortlisted for a Parliamentary Excellence Award for Excellence in Legal Services.

There is a short video that can also be seen here

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Tahir Ashraf High Court Commercial Barrister advises business solicitors

Tahir Ashraf High Court Commercial Barrister advises business solicitors

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