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London Barristers

This article is about London barristers. Most London barristers and those from other parts of the country work from ‘barristers chambers’. A chambers is a room or office or a number of rooms or offices, used by a barrister or a group of barristers. 

London barristers, Lincoln's Inn

London Barristers – Legal Profession Changes

The legal profession has seen many changes since at the very least, the year 2007. More recent changes have been about access to justice. These changes include cuts in legal aid as well as rises in court fees. Legal aid cuts have not had a direct negative impact on the work of business barristers and solicitors in London or the rest of England and Wales. The cuts have however, directly and negatively impacted on the work of criminal law, family law and immigration law barrister and solicitors in London and the rest of England and Wales

Other changes that the British justice system has seen include several rises in court fees. Because of these substantial court fee increases many claimants will find it difficult to gain access to justice. Unlike legal aid cuts, court substantial fee increases have had a direct and negative impact on access to justice. This is especially when it comes to insolvency, commercial and business disputes and disputes related to property.

Barristers in England and Wales are renowned for being some of the best barristers in the world. However that reputation is no consolation for access to justice. That said, it is always helpful for a business or individual client to know that the case is being handled by one of the best business barristers.

Business Person First – London Barrister Second

Tahir describes himself as a business-man first and a barrister second. This is borne out of the ethos that only by understanding a client’s business can a good barrister truly provide commercial and pragmatic business advice. Tahir works with a number of solicitors and local in London and across England and Wales for services direct to the public, businesses and local authorities.

Why use London Barrister – Tahir Ashraf?

Tahir Ashraf is efficient and cost effective and advises on various business and individual disputes. Part of Tahir’s strategy includes avoiding disputes before they arise. Advisory work includes contract transactions involving international businesses and national companies.

London Barrister Tahir Ashraf can also be contacted via his London barristers Chambers or directly from this website.

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