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VW Emissions Scandal

German automaker Volkswagen Group also known as VW effectively admitted that it had been cheating on Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) tests. News of the VW emissions scandal could not have come at a better time from the perspective of the run up to the 21st Conference of the Parties ‘COP21’ where politicians from across the globe are due to gather in December 2015 to become known as the Paris agreement on climate change. 

VW Emissions Scandal Reports September 2015

The news reports of the VW cheat device software came to light in September 2015. Bloomberg Business published an article “Volkswagen Admits to Cheating on U.S. Emissions Tests” which highlighted that the VW Emissions Scandal came to light as a result of the curiosity of a clean air group. It is referred to as a scandal because VW has admitted that it intentionally programmed software into vehicles, in particular, with diesel engines, to activate emissions controls specifically and one might say, only, during emissions testing in a laboratory environment.

The Impact of the VW Emissions Scandal on Human Health and Climate Change

As a consequence the impact of the VW emissions scandal is such that national and international rules concerning clean air pollution and emission standards have been wilfully breached. There are serious implications concerning the impact this has had on end users of these vehicles. Whether VW ought to prepare compensation by way of refund or simply ‘repair’ the affected vehicles not just in America where it was discovered but also in the UK. Many people had bought VW vehicles considering them to be ‘greener’ and ‘cleaner’ than other vehicles. One of the most pertinent questions must be concerning the impact the cheat device may have had on human health and global climate change. Surely alternative fuels such as hydrogen can provide the answer today to a cleaner, greener, sustainable world, today.

The video below also shows the Congress hearing concerning the VW emissions scandal. Questions include those surrounding vehicle performance, fuel economy, as well as the emitting emissions upto 40% higher in cars affected than those advertised.


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